About Us

The business operations of JL Levytekniikka Oy were launched in their present form in 1994, at which point the company was established through management buy-out action by the Teleste Group.

The business idea behind JL Levytekniikka is to be a client-based sheet metal contract producer.

Our strategy is to produce comprehensive mechanical expertise in accordance with the principle of good partnership.

Since 1996, JL Levytekniikka Oy has observed the ISO 9001 quality manual in practice, which has also been audited through the action of several collaborating partners on an annual basis.

In the year 2010, our turnover was over EUR 2,0 million and our number of staff was 21.

Indirectly, over 90% of our company’s product go to export, and we carry out direct export to the Nordic countries and middle Europe.

As we are a contract producer, we do not forward details concerning clients.


  • Our client is able to save on expenses. Our mechanics designer has 20 years of experience in product design. Currently, we have the SolidWorks 3D CAD program at our disposal, which incorporates the most recent technology available in the field. Already during the product design stage, we combine both the requirements of the client and the methods of our production to obtain the most cost-effective solution.
  • One-stop shopping: all mechanical solution are provided under the same roof. Our operations allow the possibility for our clients to concentrate more effectively on their own expertise, since we ready the product in surface-treated, painted, silk-screened and even fully-assembled form.
  • We do our work according to up-to-date requirements. Quality in conformity with ISO 9001 has been a part of our daily routine since 1996. This operational model is updated also to ISO 14001.
  • We’re flexible. Our corporate operational model is built in such a way that we are able to react quickly as well to whatever changes are needed.
  • We maintain good quality. The experience of our personnel, gained continuously over decades of effort in the electronics industry, has concurrently brought about a concept of what is required of products in use under the most arduous conditions.
  • Trust in cooperation. Since our customers are made up of the best companies in their field, our absolute principle rests in confidentiality in both R&D and in operational functions. Something of this confidential effectiveness is also revealed by the fact of our continuous collaboration, which has gone on from year to year.
  • We want to develop. We constantly consider new work methods by which we can secure shorter turnaround times for products and cost savings by such means. This exerts a direct effect on our clients’ cost structures as well. We endeavour to keep our machine stock up-to-date by either renewing systems as a whole or specific components.
  • We have experience of the demands of various fields. These days, our clients are active in the electronic, electric, automotive and furniture industries. This has also brought the requirements of various fields to our knowledge in addition to conceivable applications.
  • Our clients are important to us. We want our clients to occupy a position of importance and we wish to be a significant partner to them.